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Rejected April 16, 2010

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The only thing that sucks about facebook, is when you find someone on there who you knew a loooong time ago, maybe even just were acquaintances with or classmates, regardless you have good memories so you send them a friend request and they “ignore” your request :/ Why? Do you not remember me or is there some other reason? Hmmm… It irks me.


We’re Back in the Trenches… March 25, 2010

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We’re back to the screaming, throwing and tantruming. Brendan woke around 3 this morning just to talk in his crib for 2 hours. This makes it nearly impossible for a Mom and Dad to get back to sleep. Poor Craig wasn’t able to get back to sleep, and since it was almost time for him to get up anyway, he just got up and went into work early. Me, well I tossed and turned for a while in irritation and then finally was able to doze back off for an hour and a half or so. When I woke B was screaming and crying in that whiny fake crying sort of way. I took a shower and then went and got him. He has been a demon all morning. Obviously lacking in sleep. Wants the pacifier all the time now. I feel like nothing I do is right.


Happy Birthday to Me! :) February 14, 2010

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Tomorrow is my 31st Birthday. Geez, when I look back at the last year so much has changed! Brendan was still a baby a year ago, 7 months old and now he’s a toddler! A little boy! We had so much fun tonight. He wolfed down dinner and then we got to play all evening. It’s funny how you just fall into little games with kids. He handed me a lego and I was trying to balance it on my nose to be funny, and it so wasn’t working. So, I balanced it on my mouth instead. Then, I had the idea to blow on it to launch it up into the air. This went over SO well! He loved it and laughed until he had hiccups. It eventually got old, but it’s just funny how little games just start out of the blue.

OK, also!  I joined Cardinal Fitness yesterday!!  Brendan and I stopped in there and got a tour.  It’s small but just right for our lifestyle now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and still miss Jazzercise, but it just doesn’t fit into our schedule or budget anymore.  So, I went this morning for my first workout there.  It’s very clean and everything went great!  20min on the eliptical, 20 min on the bike and 5 min cool down on the treadmill.  Not bad for a first workout back!  Brendan and I are going to try going this week.  I’m hoping he does well at the childcare, he seemed to like it when we visited! Cross your fingers!

Anyway, back to my birthday. I’m getting over a cold, but we are having some friends and family over tomorrow to watch the Daytona 500. It’ll be fun to see everyone and a perfect birthday present, too! 🙂
Speaking of presents…. Craig took Brendan out shopping today for my birthday. He said I’ll have to wait because they had to order my gift, but it’s just something small….. ??? any ideas? I’m stumped! Then they came home and made my ice cream cake. YUM! Can’t wait!!


Home Alone February 7, 2010

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OMG, I’m home alone right now for the first time in a loooong time! It feels so weird! Gotta hurry and clean up and vacuum before the Two Tornadoes get back!! lol

I also think I am going to join Cardinal Fitness. The stationary bike at home isn’t happening, so I need somewhere with childcare, and it just so happens Cardinal Fitness has childcare AND showers!  This may just work out!  Hopefully Brendan will not freak out at the childcare…. we will see!  I’m going to go check out the place this week. SO EXCITED TO EXERCISE AGAIN!! I’VE MISSED IT SOOOOOO MUCH!  Did I mention this place is cheap, too?  It’s the trifecta!


Love February 3, 2010

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So, if you read my last post, you can see that we were in a bit of a rough patch recently. Well, it turns out that all the boy wanted was to sit with me. We’ve been busily going from one activity or playdate to the next and I hardly get a chance to just sit with B. I guess he was missing it because I think he’s been trying to get my attention so he can just sit with me. He sat on me today and I let him sit there while I did my best to go through mail and pay bills, and hewas the happiest most content I’ve seen him in weeks! So, now I will have Mama and Brendan time every day so we can have our cuddle time. 🙂


Days Like These February 2, 2010

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Being a Mom, being a parent, is hard.

Screaming-crying-throwing-tantruming-head bashing-thrashing-head to the mouth-fingers that pinch-teeth that bite-food flying-crayons sailing-tears flowing kind of days.

Teething, please go away now!


Like Father Like Son January 23, 2010

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Brendan has so many facets to his personality already, it’s amazing.  He’s gentle and loves animals, stuffed and real alike.  He lives by rules and wants thing to be done how they are “supposed” to be done.  He’ll throw away garbage without being asked and he’ll help me with the laundry.  But, one of his biggest traits is that he wants to see how EVERYTHING works.  He unbuckles and rebuckles himself in his booster seat. He’ll sit patiently turning pages in a book, not hardly even seeing what’s on those pages.  He spent half the day out in the garage with Daddy and Uncle working on the car.  Touching, observing, learning.  This kid IS his father in so many ways! It’s so cool to watch him develop his personality!

I also have been trying to decide what would be the best way for us to donate to the cause in Haiti right now.  The situation there sounds devastating and heartbreaking.  People and animals left homeless upon piles of rubble, starving and dirty, bereaved and depressed.  I can’t even imagine what that must be like for those people 😦 So, I decided to donate some money to the HSUS to help the animals and then some money to the American Red Cross to help the people.  I wish I could do more. I may donate some clothes and other items as needed, too.  I just hate this!  What have you done to help?